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How we connect

Connections are important, all the way down to the atomic level. The atoms are grouped into molecules and chemical compounds that result in charted elements which are used in practical applications. 

This, then, is a goal for the Community Communication Project: establishing a Periodic Table of Elements for how we can communicate. Without the explosions and radioactivity, ideally. 

Sewanee Radio Show – announcement

As part of our mission to encourage opportunities for local expression, the Community Communication Project is co-sponsoring the Sewanee Radio Show on July 9, 2016 at 7 pm, in the Sewanee Union Theatre on the campus of the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. Presented by River City Sessions, this event features both spoken word artists and musicians. Tickets are only $6 each. For more information, go to www.SewaneeEclectic.org

Sewanee Radio Show

Sewanee Radio Show

Actions unveiled…

New introductions to:

  • Community Memory
    Initial meeting on Monday, 7/16/12 at 6 pm, at the MACC! More info at www.MyCommunityMemory.org

  • Info Dojo
    Initial meeting on Wednesday, 7/18/12 at 6 pm, at the MACC! More info at www.InfoDojo.org
  • Summit
    Initial meeting on Wednesday, 7/25/12 at 4 pm, at the MACC! More info at www.OurSummit.org
  • Stay tuned for more Actions!

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And more…

Get active and stay tuned!




Summer 2012 Actions

The Community Communication Project will be launching 10 Actions during the summer of 2012. More information soon on a Launch Event and specific activities!

Summer 2012 Actions

Summer 2012 Actions



A space (either virtual, physical or event-based) where we learn how to communicate better
[Similar examples: AVA Media Lab, Hacker Dojo]


Learning to tell stories and record stories, and creating a digital keyword-searchable archive.
[Similar example: StoryCorps]


Gathering together unexpected audiences for sharing and presenting
[Similar example: TED Talks]


Distributing community-generated videos with public access television
[Similar example: Denver Open Media]


Using plays to spark discussion of community issues
[Similar example: Plays For Living]


Experimenting with interesting combinations of music, art, and dance
[Similar example: Wide Open Floor]


Learning techniques for facilitating meetings and mediating conflicts
[Similar example: Community Boards of San Francisco]


Creating resource network and directory; workshops; film festivals and competitions for K-12 and college students
[Similar examples: Bay Area Video Coalition]


Learning to express thoughts in public and defend them, and opportunities to practice these skills
[Similar examples: Forensic League; Toastmasters]


Documenting and finding ways to help this Allied Arts initiative where the arts support the community
[Imagine Chattanooga 2020]

Go to actions.communify.org to sign up, and/or email  if you’re interested in participating with any of these areas: join@communify.org


CommComm Class: Summer Summary

Here’s a video that summarizes what we did for the first-ever Community Communication college course (taught at Chattanooga State Community College in the summer of 2011).

Community Communication Class – Summer 2011 Summary


Tell Your Story!

Tell Your StoryOn Friday, 7/15/2011, the summer Community Communication class at Chattanooga State Community College will present “Tell Your Story: Nightfall Edition.”

Find the booth and share your story: For example, your “Favorite Nightfall Experience!” The stories will be recorded, preserved, and shared with our community.

The booth will probably be inside the Waterhouse Pavilion, depending on the actual circumstances. Be a part of our Community Memory!

(A production of the summer Community Communication class at Chattanooga State Community College. Special thanks to the Nightfall Concert Series and Chattanooga Presents for this educational experiment.)

Check back on Communify.org for updates on where to hear the stories!


Sometimes how we communicate can get in the way of what we’re trying to say.

Website updates in progress

daisiesThe Communify website is finally undergoing an overhaul. New features, new content, new interactivity:  all blooming and growing on www.Communify.org.

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