The September Project

I just heard about The September Project: a national effort to encourage everyone to meet at their local library to discuss their community on Saturday, September 11, 2004. Intriguing concept. I wonder if this would be a good starting point for the next incarnation of this Community Communication Project as we seek to communify ourselves. Hmm…

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  1. alex maloutas says:

    Well I’m just finding this post and the site as a whole today. It says here 2004 and it 2009 now. Whadaya think, is it working? I had my own community communication project and now I find this. Of course we need to meet and have this place to talk. The important part of the community meeting is not the place but the content. My project looks to develop content for community communication. I was just working on a budget when I came across this site while using google as a spell check. A budget gives the action structure. What’s out budget? Lets make a set of actions that will lead to community communication. Its not a project with a final out come, it’s only a process that leads to many more projects…

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