I attended the monthly gathering of the Virtual Organization of Chattanooga at Erlanger Hospital (in one of their nice dining rooms). Around 20 people were present, representing various organizations ranging from the police department to nonprofits. I’ll just touch on some main points. First Call for Help announced that the Center for Nonprofits has placed their resource directory online. BellSouth announced that their MyWay services are underway. The VOC web page is still in development. More progress is being made on a new CAP grant. Leland Kaiser is scheduled to return in mid-December. Mark Kiel from Chattanooga city government mentioned progress on new technology incubators. And the new director of the Community Outreach Partnership Center (as I understand it, part of the Center for Applied Social Research at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga) starts in late July.

I see a lot of potential in the VOC projects. From the Community Link experience I know how difficult it is to make changes in a community, or even get the logistics sorted out. I don’t see a conflict or redundancy between what this Community Communication Project is trying to do; perhaps one kind of distinction to make is that the VOC is developing content and my focus for the CCP is developing distribution.

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