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How we connect

Connections are important, all the way down to the atomic level. The atoms are grouped into molecules and chemical compounds that result in charted elements which are used in practical applications.  This, then, is a goal for the Community Communication …

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Sewanee Radio Show – announcement

Sewanee Radio Show

As part of our mission to encourage opportunities for local expression, the Community Communication Project is co-sponsoring the Sewanee Radio Show on July 9, 2016 at 7 pm, in the Sewanee Union Theatre on the campus of the University of …

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Actions unveiled…

New introductions to: Community Memory Initial meeting on Monday, 7/16/12 at 6 pm, at the MACC! More info at Info Dojo Initial meeting on Wednesday, 7/18/12 at 6 pm, at the MACC! More info at Summit Initial meeting …

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Website updates in progress


The Communify website is finally undergoing an overhaul. New features, new content, new interactivity:  all blooming and growing on


The first MuzArDanZ Variety Showcase will be on Sunday, August 24, 2008. For more information, go to MuzArDanZ’s site. This is part of the Community Communication Project, encouraging the use of music, art and dance for expression and sharing information.

CommuniTV launched!

I’ve launched a new part of the Community Communication Project, concentrating on that slice of the communication pie called “Television and Video,” finding a way to bridge that gap between actual people and how they can share with each other. …

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Project Progress

Check out the wiki for updated sections, particularly the List of Projects. Also, I’m putting together an “introduction kit” to help explain the Community Communication Project.

Communify Shirts & Mugs Now Available

If you’re interested in a T-Shirt or a Coffee Mug with a Communify theme, check out our new store!


I’ve been dabbling with the use of Wiki technology as a way of keeping project information accessible (and editable). One test of this is available at What’s a wiki, you ask? In short, it’s a way to present information …

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Upcoming Features

During my annual visit to San Francisco the second week of January, 2005, I visited some organizations involved in their own slice of community communication: Creativity Explored, AccesSF, and BAVC. I intend to write a series of articles over the …

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