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Upcoming Features

During my annual visit to San Francisco the second week of January, 2005, I visited some organizations involved in their own slice of community communication: Creativity Explored, AccesSF, and BAVC. I intend to write a series of articles over the …

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Book Recommendation: "Going Public"

“Going Public: An Organizer’s Guide to Citizen Action,” by Michael Gecan, is a useful book that illustrates the power and humanity of having relational-style organizations. Just 192 pages, cover-to-cover, this guide is easily digestible but definitely unsettling — unsettling in …

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The September Project

I just heard about The September Project: a national effort to encourage everyone to meet at their local library to discuss their community on Saturday, September 11, 2004. Intriguing concept. I wonder if this would be a good starting point …

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Book Recommendation: Better Together

“Better Together” by Robert Putnam is a fascinating look at several community initiatives. Highly recommended. More in-depth review to come in the future.

Now with Blogging & Comments

I’ve enhanced this web site by adding this Updates blog and the ability to add comments. I hope this helps to make this a more useful tool for tracking progress on this Project.

Now we’re known as!

I’ve registered the domain name for this Project; if nothing else, it’s an easier way to say “Community Communication.” I developed “communify” by meshing the concepts of “unified community communication” into one big mesh.


I attended the monthly gathering of the Virtual Organization of Chattanooga at Erlanger Hospital (in one of their nice dining rooms). Around 20 people were present, representing various organizations ranging from the police department to nonprofits. I’ll just touch on …

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In January 2000 I visited the Bay Area Video Coalition in San Francisco. What they are doing there could be done here, and more: pulling together all the communication strategies to help the community learn from itself.

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